The brand, which entered the sector in 2006 with project-based works, took its name from its founder, architect Bige Akbaba. Since 2018, it has been continuing its mass production furniture business. Bige Akbaba, who puts the design language and culture into each of his designs; With its innovative, dynamic and professional architect staff, it has managed to make a name for itself among the leading brands in the sector. Bige Akbaba, which has increased its preferability with the product variety it offers, as well as the design lines it adds to the furniture; It includes modern, retro or luxury options.

Our company has focused on design and has made a difference with its innovative and professional architects. It has gained the admiration of many domestic and foreign customers with its original, functional and aesthetic space designs, practicality in the application and fast and timely delivery of work. Our company attaches great importance to team work with its young and dynamic staff. Our production facilities use the latest technology, modern machines. Our goal in production is total quality.


Bige Akbaba; is a brand that aims to use all the materials in its possession as necessary and to create the greatest benefit in this context. Because creating a benefit is always a good return provider. One of the absolute criteria of success is this return.

Although functionality, elegance and comfort are separate topics, you can see the synthesis of all of them in Bige Akbaba. Just installing a product in your home does not mean the process is over. Bige Akbaba, which has a supportive approach after the sales process; combines your home and all the services that will make a home for you. While doing this, it offers you design-oriented products without compromising its understanding of quality.

Bige Akbaba, who is the reason for the smile on the face of every guest it hosts in every fair it attends; The store continues to make a name for itself with turnkey projects, especially home decor. It has not only undersigned important projects in terms of commercial space decoration, production and application, but also every detail, which is among its goals, has been supported by all the steps it has taken. At the same time, the brand; It also puts all the stones in place with its dynamic, fast and analytical customer service.


Being able to see the potential and be able to act within this potential are quite distinctive abilities. Bige Akbaba is a brand that is aware of its potential and wants to use it in every area it touches. It spells out making its name known in 81 provinces, without being limited to a single region. At the same time, it aims to open up to the world market and reach a very good point in terms of export. Bige Akbaba, a company that met abroad; He also aims to hear the new “nice to meet you” phrases. When I do this; It has a vision to follow a route that will always improve, follow all trends closely and combine all necessary services in the most optimal way. Going further, it creates its own field on a satisfaction-based line. Continuing many new studies that support satisfaction simultaneously, Bige Akbaba uses its potential in the most harmonious way.